We safeguard environment!

The preservation of the environment: not part of us, but we can do our part

The mass media often cite international conventions and protocols related to environmental protection. Who has not heard about the Kyoto Protocol (1997) or the Earth Summit or Rio Conference (1992). And then the countless renewals of meetings and agreements, involving more than 200 countries in the world. And also of the diversity of views among many, of those who want to argue or take off from the agreements. In fact, the planet looks sick. And it is becoming more and more sick where productive development has been implemented without rules and respect for the environment and people's lives. One of the consequences is certainly the progressive terrestrial warming, which gave rise to a series of changes also warned by us: warmer and weather phenomena particularly intense with the consequent hydrogeological instability. In fact, a cyclical phenomenon has been accentuated over the centuries, a period of climate warming. In addition there are obvious threats to the biodiversity of plant and animal species and a continuous attack on the ecosystem. The most evolved countries at industrial and productive level have already worked for years to reduce polluting factors. The basic problem remains the same: even if the countries in rapid and tumultuous growth have to do much and even more, a good part of safeguarding the environment manifests itself through our behaviour. One of the first positive attitudes to apply is the lower waste production. Which means asking for less packaging or not having them at all. Return, if possible, to a dimension where the moist part of the waste becomes manure. Significantly reduce the plastic, responsible for huge pollution of marine waters and now even enter the human food cycle. Basically, limiting the waste or, for example, not wasting water (eh, that faucet open when you wash your teeth...) are simple actions dictated by common sense and a look at the attentive habits of those who preceded us and has preserved the planet for us : Our ancestors. But we have to think about our children and grandchildren.


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