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Are you tired of transporting heavy water baskets from the supermarket to your home?


Have you ever thought about how much energy you waste and how much pollution you create for transporting, storing and distributing bottles?

STOP at all this, because the solution is already at your house, just open the faucet and voila...... You have all the amount of water you want and the certainty that the tap water is: CONTROLLED, because it is guaranteed and subjected to very severe frequent analyses by the agencies; HEALTHY, because it contains the right amount of mineral salts for our organism; At 0 KM and LESS EXPENSIVE.


The annual expense of an average household to purchase bottled water is equal to €236.00 with tap water the cost does not reach €2.00.


And if you want to make it carbonated at the right time and with one gesture?


There's... Gas-Up!


The Gas-Up Carbonator is a low-cost and easy-to-use domestic carbonation system because the operation requires no electrical and hydraulic hookups. Simply insert the Gas-Up cylinder into the dedicated compartment, fill the bottle with the cold tap water, insert it into the gaser and choose the desired level of carbonation.


The Gasatore kit includes:


  • N ° 1 Gasatore
  • N ° 1 bottle of 1 Lt PET
  • N ° 1 CO2 cylinder 425 g in Purchase.


Once the cylinder is finished it will be possible to swap it with a full one through our Charging Service

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