Gasatore Iron


Gasup Iron has arrived: let us be well

Because GasUp created IRON. The new water gas home that has all the qualities GasUp: made of steel and thin only 9 mm is practical, universal and adaptable to any other system to gas water, recyclable to 100%. And with one more peculiarity. At the top of the range, it is a design object. Specially created to fit every modern kitchen, to any environment that is the heart of life in the house. Water is life, IRON is beautiful life, it is linear, essential, solid, clear. Like YOUR water.


The Gasup philosophy is a philosophy of good life... and beautiful. Good with planet Earth: no plastic. No water wastage. Good with yourself: no unnecessary weight to take home, no extra costs and excessive how good it already comes out of your home faucet. YOUR water. Gasup makes your water better and makes your home even better.


The water at home, with more speed.


  • N ° 1 Gasatore
  • N ° 1 bottle of 1 Lt PET
  • N ° 1 CO2 cylinder 425 g in Purchase.


Once the cylinder is finished it will be possible to swap it with a full one through our Charging Service

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