Gas-Up, a brand that comes from the international experience of the GASMARINE group.

A whole made in Italy proposal linked to the world of water.

Good and carbonated, for every sector, for home use, for professional uses,

From the small kitchen to the great restaurant, for the whole community.

Gas-Up also means domestic carbonators.

A gas cooker for every house, office, kitchen.

A rechargeable cylinder infinite times, suitable also for systems already existing and for this universal.

A system to use the water at home, making it more carbonated, tastiest.

Say Goodbye, without regrets, to the weight of plastic bottles.

Gas-Up, a new way of life that allows us to do something concrete for the environment, avoiding to generate plastic waste that, rejection after rejection, are forming mountains that inevitably become islands in the oceans.

Make a conscious choice too, choose Gas-Up, the World of tomorrow!

The Gas-Up World: Innovation, Technology, Design, ecology

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